It's been a while since the last time I posted something or gave any signs that I was alive whatsoever, すみあせえぇぇぇ〜

I was too busy with school, and I still wanted to keep studying 日本語 and graphic engines, so sacrifices had to be made. I plan on posting new things about my progress with OpenGL soon.

Not a lot has happened lately, among other things, today was the first time I got insulted irl due to the simple fact of being an お宅, however, knowing who the insult was from, I can actually take it as a compliment. I got angry at first, but then I cooled down. In case you're curious, it was something along the lines of being dirty, which couldn't be further from the truth, since I shower at least twice a day, but oh well.

In other news I became really interested in the Chinese language, and I am sure that after being confident in 日本語, I will make myself time to learn it. Some friends of mine who know Chinese recommended me the "Spoonfed" anki deck. I think that the hardest part will be the tones, because afaik the sentence structure is quite similar to English and I am already familiar with some hanzi that are found as 漢字 in 日本語. Also, I read somewhere that verbs only have a single, unconjugated form that can be negated (or not).

The site hasn't changed much because I am kinda lacking in ideas, perhaps I should add (more) easter eggs, or an anime girl in the background (looking at you, Irisviel). What I should definitely do for sure is stop being a lazy fuck and add new sites to the webring. Also I should see if there are any dead links.

And...well, cryptocurrencies are increasing in value so that's cool, my third world portfolio is going up slowly but surely, although it might be because my local currency is losing its value :(

That's a summary of what has been going on lately, I feel that I am much more motivated to keep chasing my personal goals, but I also can't be bothered to fulfill my obligations, しょうがない, I guess.