As slow as it has been due to school, I have indeed made some progress. As the title suggests, it has to do with collisions, in fact, I spent a couple of days trying to implement them myself from scratch but I gave up instead and used some notes I had take from here when I made that game which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

So here's a demo:

There are some bugs that will (most likely not) be fixed a couple of days from now. Since collision was the main thing holding me back, I might focus on doing more "interesting" things like sound, for example.

After messing around with the lighting, which still has a long way to go, I realized how much I like that sort of dark setting, so I will probably build on that in the future :)

Although I am trying to be as organized as possible, my code is still hot shit, and I am aware of it, so if you have any suggestions please lend me a hand.

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