>mfw when I'm enlightened

Hello lain! After almost a month of inactivity I feel like you deserve an update, yukinu's comeback motivated me to put up something in the site.

You might wonder how the game engine's going; the truth is that I had been procrastinating due to not knowing what to do so I was adding soykaf that would mess up everything, I wanted to keep it simple but it seems I can't. Why? A couple of things come to mind:

  • I am not a good programmer overall
  • I don't know enough about game engines

To solve the former, I decided to read the bible to gain some enlightment.

I feel like I have become a better programmer, not a good one, but definitely a better one. The book not only teaches you about C, but it also introduces you to universal programming topics in a very understandable manner. Besides, it helps you to begin thinking like a programmer, and approaching problems more logically. I started liking C so much, that I think I might rewrite the entire engine again in C (this is probably another excuse to keep wasting time :P).

To solve the latter I believe I should just learn more about them (who would've thought). I won't focus on like, learning specific technologies (occlusion, dlss, etc), but on a wider scope: the structure of game engines. I have some books in mind that I will check out, taken from beedge's website.

TL;DR: both solutions consist on me learning from people who are more intelligent than I am.