Lately things have been going on great, so I am quite happy about that (pic related is my face as I'm writing this).

I finally finished the OpenGL tutorial I've been doing for soooooo long, so now I can actually focus on doing something on my own with all the knowledge I gathered. That's a lot of I's.

Some ideas came up, such as a bullet hell or some 2D platformer. I want to do something simple before moving onto a more complex 3D setting. I was thinking about doing something like Terraria or DST but that might be a little too ambitious (fucking Dunning-Kruger effect, I feel so overconfident right now).

This is the "final project" that I was made to do for the tutorial, there are some bugs (such as blending) but I will just leave it like that.

Pause state:

Win state:

I learnt so much while doing this, especially what I was aiming for (game architecture) that I almost filled a whole notebook with notes!