I finished the Anti Aliasing part of the OpenGL tutorial I mencioned a couple of posts ago, and with this, the whole Advanced OpenGL section.

What you can see here is the combination of a couple of techniques I learnt in this section (I won't go in much detail):

  • Instancing: "explained" in previous posts
  • Framebuffer combination: in total, this scene required 3 (three) Framebuffers...
    1. Used for Off-screen MSAA
    2. Used to render the scene into a texture
    3. The default framebuffer, for rendering the quad with the screen texture
  • Post Processing: a simple b&w effect applied on the screen texture
  • Anti Aliasing: using OpenGL's implementation of MSAA to avoid jagged edges

Implementing my own Anti-Aliasing is something I've got yet to do, so you could say that I didn't actually finish the chapter, but this is my site so I will say whatever I want.