who am I?

I'm /mm4rk3t/, thank you for being interested enough to read the about page.

You could say that my passion resides in computer graphics and low-level programming. I hope to be able to write GPU drivers some day, but until that day arrives I'm going to try to master the abstraction layer which is above, and I'm going to post about it.

Apart from programming languages, I am interested in real languages, I can speak English and Spanish fluently, still suck at Japanese (but somehow manage) and I am learning Latin. In a future, I would like to learn German and Chinese, perhaps Russian too, to read them cool warez sites.

My favourite science-fiction genres are Cyberpunk and Cosmic Horror, and so far as aesthetics go: Weird Core, Retro, Nouveau and Art Deco (tell me you played Bioshock without telling me you played Bioshock). Coincidentally, I am reading Atlas Shrugged lol.

I like reading books that somehow make me think, not just for entertainment value (see: Atlas Shrugged, Farenheit 451, Brave New World, etc). I also like reading philosophy, mostly stoic, although I am going through Nietzsche at the moment.

The modern tech landscape is hell, computers should be doing things faster and more efficiently damn it, instead, incompetency is making them slower and more complex to work with than decades ago (not that I was alive then, but still).

I also despise the current videogame scene, it seems the only good (fun) games left are indies or haven't come out in the past couple of years. But enough of that, let's talk about cute Chinese cartoons. Top 5: Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Monogatari, Steins; Gate and Oregairu.

That pretty much sums it up.